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Exterior LED Pole Top Fixtures

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ONCOR Certified Service Provider!


We offer LED lighting products at wholesale pricing, and we are able to procure our customers between 20-50% incentives from ONCOR for purchasing DLC qualified LED lighting  products from us!

Exterior LED Lighting Products


LED Parking lot fixtures, Parking garage fixtures, LED Canopy lights, Strip fixtures, Wall packs, Flood lights, Decorative pole top lights, LED retrofit kits, Bollards, and more........

Interior LED Lighting Products


LED Troffers, Flat Panel fixtures, Down lights,  LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED Par lamps, Reflector lamps, CFL LED replacements, Decorative lamps, and more......

Warehouse LED Lighting Products


LED High Bays, LED high powered strip light fixtures, LED Canopy Light fixtures, and more.......

Interior and Exterior LED Professionals


We can provide LED products to replace all of those old style CFL's, Fluorescent fixtures  and  Incandescent bulbs to save on your energy bill and maintenance costs.

Converting to LED for Energy Savings!


Let us show you how to save up to 60-70% on your lighting energy consumption by converting to LED lighting fixtures with the best warranties in the industry. Commercial LED lighting professionals.

Do we really need better lighting?

For some of our clients, improved lighting quality is an important objective. For others, it's a "nice-to-have" feature, and perhaps not worth the effort to convert. Where LED's really help organizations is in there energy efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements. 

Even if higher quality lighting does not impress you, the energy and maintenance savings will. NOW, is always a good time to switch to a more efficient way of doing business!


If you have different concerns or questions about what an LED conversion would mean in terms of time, costs, and temporary inconvenience, please give us a call so that your concerns are addressed.

                             *SAVE 20-50% off contracted pricing with ONCOR incentives*

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